Are Dragon Evil Or Good?

Dragon is a mysterious animal that never exists in our real life. The culture of dragon is developing in different civilization with the elapse of time. However, people have different cognition about the origin, the cultural symbolization and the usage of loong and dragon because of the cultural difference. Chinese people regard dragon as the symbol of auspiciousness and authority. By contrast, in Western people’s eyes, dragon is the symbol of devil and bugbear. This article aims to analyze the cultural differences between Chinese dragon and western dragon to indicate Chinese dragon is not exactly equal to the dragon in western culture, aiming to avoid the misunderstanding on dragon that are caused by these cultural differences.

are dragon evil or good

The development and perfection of Chinese dragon culture has been going on in the historic process of Chinese civilization. Chinese dragon culture has a so important position who works to learn and spread Chinese culture has to know something about it. In the development of western civilization, dragon also exists and forms a kind of dragon culture which is quite distinct from Chinese dragon culture. Since the cognition of Chinese dragon and western dragon is quite different, there are some misunderstandings in our communication. To learn and understand the culture difference between Chinese dragon and western dragon is beneficial to the cultural communication between us.

Dragon in the Bible

The dragon we mentioned before is holy and miraculous, but most people tend to the view that the dragon is evil. In the Bible, dragon is a devil incarnation of Satan who fought with the God and turned himself into a snake in the Garden of Eden to tempt Adam and Eve to eat fruits on the tree of wisdom. The emergence of Christian made the meaning of dragon totally changed. Dragon was turned into another name for Satan. In the Bible, the huge red dragon with seven heads and ten horns was a prime enemy of God and human beings.

dragon necklace

The Culture Symbol of Dragon in Western Countries

Because of the cultural difference, the symbols of western dragon and Chinese dragon are quite different. In western culture, dragon is known for its huge size, strong power and magic ability. It is a greedy, cruel and autocratic monster. The mythologies of Satan and Cadmus, the stories of the dragon-slayers etc, reflect that western dragons are bad, hateful, destructive and monstrous. The derivatives of dragon are always negative. In medieval times, dragon is the symbol of evil, Satan in the Bible was called” the great dragon ” by the god. Hence, some believers were considered to be heroic and valiant by killing a dragon. Cavaliers also found that they could obtain honor, property, amazing power and the heart of girls by hunting dragons. Since the dragon is the enemy of human being and it is vicious, slaughtering a dragon becomes the behavior of bravery and conquering nature.

The Culture Symbol of dragon in China

In traditional Chinese culture, dragon is the symbol of authority and nobility, and there are three opinions about the symbolization of Chinese dragon . Firstly, people think that it is the symbol of the Chinese nation. This is the reason why Chinese people regard themselves as the offspring of dragon . Secondly, dragon is the symbol of emperor. It stands for the supreme power of the emperor. As we mentioned before, in Chinese history, the emperor of each dynasty called himself the real dragon. Even all the emperor’s daily stuffs are named with a character of dragon, such as dragon body, the body of the emperor. At last, it is a symbol of wisdom.