How powerful is a dragon

Dragon is a kind of legendary creature with powerful power and magic ability. There are many kinds of dragon, such as the Dragon living in the deep sea, the Dragon sleeping in the volcano, the poisonous dragon living in the swamp and so on. Different dragons have different appearance, ability and living habits. The dragon has a strong body, a long and thick neck, horns on its head, sharp teeth in its mouth, and a long tail. It walks with four powerful feet and flies with a pair of bat like wings. Its body has a lot of scales, protecting its body. Their teeth are very sharp and can tear open the prey.

how powerful is a dragon

Dragons have much better eyesight than humans, and they can clearly see their prey in the dark, so they can fly and walk at night, and can quickly find their prey and catch it. The hearing of dragons is similar to humans, but their feeling is very good and can perceive the movement of objects.Dragons can fly and swim, and some types of dragons can breathe in water.

Dragons can do breathe fire. Different types of dragons have different attacks. For example, red dragons can jet flames, blue dragons can jet lightning and so on. Dragons are a terrifying and powerful creature, and they can also use some magic. Most of them live in caves and love treasures, so there are usually a lot of treasures where they live.

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In many fairy tales, there are stories about heroes crusade against dragons. When a powerful hero encounters a powerful dragon, an earth-shattering battle will always erupt. Dragons are warm-blooded animals whose body temperature is controlled by their internal organs. This feature allows them to adapt to many environments, and they can move freely throughout the year, day or night. Historical books record that the surviving dragons are very smart and aggressive. They face extinction, but dragons can survive for a long time. There are books that record dragons that have survived 500 or 1,000 years.

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Dragons are so powerful that they can easily bite through steel. On land, its legs and arms can easily pick up heavy objects. But in the air, they cannot hold heavy objects for a long time. The dragon's body is covered by many hard and shiny scales. However, it has no scales on its neck and abdomen, because it has the habit of digging underground, so it needs a soft abdomen. The dragon's scales grow automatically, like human nails and hair, except when they are sick, the scales will not fall off the dragon's body.

The size of the eggs depends on the type of dragon. The color of the eggs is generally the same as that of their parents, and the shell is particularly strong. Dragons can breed once a year, about 2-5 eggs at a time. Most of the eggs are in the nest of the female. The mother can protect them and take good care of them. Newborn dragons can't fly. Their skills are similar to those of their parents. As they grow up, they will gradually learn to fly.

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The sense of smell of dragons is as good as their eyesight. They can sense the existence of other creatures through their sense of smell, so it is very difficult to catch dragons.