How strong is a dragon

Many people are very interested in the dragon creature. Most of the information we know about it is in novels, movies, etc. The dragon has always been given a mysterious color, symbolizing power and nobility. In addition, everyone has different views on the strength of the dragon. The East believes that the dragon is one of the creators, representing the sky and the earth, and the West believes that the dragon represents darkness, power and destruction.

how strong is a dragon

Ground Dragon

This is a general term for a large number of flightless dragons. Most of these dragons are of low status. Their attack methods rely on grasping and biting. They do not understand magic at all. Their image is a bit similar to that of dinosaurs. Their battles are solved by brute force, and most of them do not have intelligence. However, there are still a few who are very powerful. They are the lowest among the dragon clan.

Poisonous Dragon

It is a kind of advanced beast. The image of poisonous dragon appears in medieval books. They have two feet and wings with scales or feathers. They symbolize pestilence, conquest and so on. The way of attack is simple to grasp and bite. Their teeth and claws are venomous, lethal. Their main habitat is high mountain cliffs, a large number, and easy to catch

Silver Dragon

The appearance of silver dragons is elegant and beautiful, they are very kind, and they are very willing to help those creatures who really need help. Silver dragons usually make friends with humans and develop deep friendships. Silver dragons like to eat human food, they can live on human food. The silver dragon's personality is not cruel, unless it is facing evil or unreasonably provoking enemies. They will not go to war easily. Before attacking, they will grab the enemy and take them into the air to intimidate the enemy.

dragon bracelet silver

Golden Dragon

The movements of golden dragons are gentle and elegant. They are very clever. They hate all injustice and crime, and they like to punish evil and promote good. At the adult stage, the scales of the golden dragon will completely turn golden yellow, and their faces have long beards, making them seem to know a lot of knowledge. Their pupils will fade with age, and the golden dragon's body will emit a light. The scent of mixed aroma. Before going to war, golden dragon usually starts negotiations to understand the other side's ideas, and then launches an attack.

dragon bracelet golden

Jewelry Dragon

Jewelry Dragon is curious and interested in the history and customs of various places. They understand the world more than knowledgeable sages. However, these dragons are also very suspicious, so it is very difficult to communicate with them. This kind of dragon distrusts strange creatures very much. There are various traps in their lairs. If these traps cannot stop outsiders, the dragon will hide first. However, if their treasures or children are threatened, they will appear to launch attacks. Their attacks can make creatures temporarily deaf.