The most famous dragon

Dragons are mysterious creatures. They are huge, but few people have seen them. They are powerful, but few in number. They live on cliffs, in the sea or in swamps, but occasionally they fly into the air in search of prey. Many of us are very interested in dragons. We all want to know about them, their habits, their life, their appearance and so on. Dragon symbolizes power, success, luck, wisdom and so on. Some legends show that the dragon can control the sea, control the land, control the sky and so on. It is the patron saint of human beings. Some legends show that the Dragon represents darkness, will destroy everything, will devour everything and so on. However, we are still very curious about them, so there are various books recording their different lifestyles.

famous dragon

So what are the most famous dragons?

Red Dragon

The red dragon lives in the warm mountains and is an evil creature. They like to collect all kinds of treasures, and like to protect their treasures. They don't like strangers to go to their lair. Once they find an intruder, they will attack without hesitation. They often attack with scratches and bites. If they encounter powerful enemies, they will also spray flames to protect themselves. Therefore, many books and legends indicate that red dragons are one of the most powerful dragons because they spray extremely hot flames.

Poisonous Dragon ( Green Dragon )

Poisonous dragons, also known as green dragons, are generally green. The green scales make other creatures dare not approach them. Poisonous dragons generally live in tropical rain forests. They like humid living environment, but they don't like treasure. Therefore, there is no treasure in their nests. Poisonous dragons are also an evil creature. They are different from the red dragon, only when the enemy attacks them, the poisonous dragon will attack the enemy, and the poisonous dragon will spray poisonous gas to damage the enemy, so that the enemy will be killed in a few seconds.

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White Dragon

White dragons are white all over the body. They live on the cold mountain top most of the time, so it is very difficult to find white dragons. They don't like activity, they prefer sleeping. Unlike humans, they come out in the winter and look for food, store food, and sleep in the summer, so they don't like to find the dragon jewelry. Most white dragons can fly. Their wings are very big, so they can cover their whole body to resist all the wind and snow. They also spray snow and ice from their mouths when they attack.

Black Dragon

Black dragons. Many books have recorded legends about black dragons. Many black dragons are evil. Most of them live in the dark underground. They especially like gold and silver coins because the light of gold and silver coins can attract them. Their shell scales are very hard and can resist attacks from bows, arrows, steel, etc., but they are also afraid of high temperatures, so high-temperature flames can always repel them. Black dragons mainly rely on bites and shocks to attack enemies. They are brave creatures. Even if they encounter powerful enemies, they will not shrink and surrender.

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Blue Dragon

Blue dragon, blue dragon lives in the desert, they like to fly freely in the desert sky, and hide in the sky. Blue dragons like to collect blue gems. Blue dragons think blue gems can protect them, so they often look for blue gems. The blue dragon will shoot lightning when attacking, which can defeat the enemy in an instant, so many creatures are afraid of the blue dragon. However, blue dragons don't attack creatures. They only attack when they are threatened.

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