What color dragon is the strongest?

That is a great question! From primitive times people have regarded the dragon as an auspicious creature with the power to bless and influence their lives. As tribes fought for domination and came to be united under a common banner the dragon was adopted as a national icon. Such was the mysterious creature’s power it was regarded as the god of rain, thunder, the rainbow, and the stars.They are among the most powerful creatures on planet Earth, due to their giant size. Dragons can fly, breathe fire, and are extremely powerful, strong, and intelligent creatures. Their hard scales cannot be easily pierced by swords, arrows, and other weaponry. Dragons also have deadly poisons in their teeth and claws.

What color dragon is the strongest

White Dragon

The white dragon is the lowest in the ranking of dragons, and also the lowest in intelligence. Most of the white dragons are just predators like wild animals. They have fierce expressions, but simple thoughts, and are not as smart as other dragons. The white dragon's nest is usually located deep underground, away from the sun and the top of the ice cave or iceberg. They store treasures in ice caves, and Bailong especially likes diamonds. Although white dragons can eat anything just like other dragons, they all have a strange characteristic, that is, they only like to eat frozen food. White dragons will swallow stiff corpses. They like to attack when fighting, swooping down from high places, or suddenly appearing under the water, in the snow, or under the ice.

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Green Dragon

The green dragon is very smart. It has a mouth full of teeth, which fully reveals their aggressive nature. As green dragons get older, their scales will become larger and lighter, and their color will become darker green, making it easier for them to integrate into the forest environment. Green dragons build their nests in the forest. For them, the older and larger the forest, the more suitable it is. Green dragons like to live in caves on cliffs or mountainsides. Their nests emit a pungent smell and are easy to find. The green dragon eats everything, and his favorite foods are elves and goblins. As long as the green dragon is provoked, it will launch an attack on any creature. If the opponent looks difficult to defeat, the Green Dragon will follow the opponent for a period of time to find the most suitable attack time and method. If the opponent looks weak, the green dragon will directly appear and attack.

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Red Dragon

Red dragons are the most greedy of all dragons, and they often look for all kinds of treasures and jewels. The Red Dragon is very confident, they are particularly confident of their own strength. As red dragons get older, their scales will become larger and thicker, as hard as metal. The red dragon has eyes like lava. The red dragon built its nest in a cave deep underground, which was full of sulfur. The red dragon likes to rest at a high place and can see all objects. Red dragons like to eat meat, especially children of humans and elves. The red dragon likes human beings to take girls as sacrifices. Once the red dragon finds the target, it will immediately attack. If it is a weak enemy, it will grab and bite directly, and only when facing a strong enemy will it emit flames

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Black Dragon

Black dragons are grumpy and cunning. They have deep-set eye sockets, and they have a skeleton-like image. When it was first born, the scales of the black dragon were thin, small, and smooth. With age, these scales became larger and thicker, and the color became darker, making it easier for the black dragon to hide in the swamp. Black dragons usually build their nests in large wet caves or deep dungeons, and they have a smell on their bodies. The black dragon used animals in the water as its main food, and occasionally went out to hunt fresh animals at that time. Black dragons especially like coins. Sometimes they will catch humans and force them to surrender the coins. When fighting in the swamp area, they will stay in the water as much as possible. If they can't beat the enemy, they will fly away immediately.