what dragon eat

What do dragon eat? Many people want to know something about dragons, and now that’s a great question! Within works of fiction and legends, they have an incredibly varied diet. The diet of fictional dragons depends on the legends or stories in which they are contained. Now, in this article, we’ve brought together all of our research. We look at western dragon. We look at eastern dragons. We look at dragon anatomy

what do dragon eat

Do dragon s eat humans?

In different cultures, the image of the dragon is different. In Eastern culture, the dragon is the sacred representative, representing wealth, strength, auspiciousness, etc.There are dragons managing the sea, the mainland and the sky.

There are dragons that protect humans, such as the dragon that manages the sea, responsible for rainfall and weather, and will not eat people. At the same time, there are evil dragons that will destroy human buildings and hurt human beings.

In western culture, dragons often represent evil, darkness, mystery and power. They will protect their territory treasure and dragon jewelry. Therefore, many people believe that where there is a dragon, there is treasure. For those who invade their territory, the dragon will hurt them and may also eat humans

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carnivores, herbivores and omnivores

Dragons eat plants and animals, but the most important thing is to eat plants. In Chinese literature, it is also said that dragons eat animals, such as pigs, sheep, cows, etc. Therefore, in ancient times, some people used animals to sacrifice to dragons, but it is not certain that dragons really exist, so it's not very accurate to confirm what the Dragon ate.

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