What is special about tungsten rings?

In the field of jewelry, in addition to diamond rings, gold rings, silver rings, there is also a new ring: tungsten ring. According to the color and nature of metals, metals are divided into two categories: ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals. Tungsten belongs to non-ferrous metals, and tungsten is a silver white metal. The strength and hardness of non-ferrous metals are usually higher than that of pure metals, which have good comprehensive mechanical properties. At the same time, tungsten is also one of the ten hardest metals in the world, and its strength and hardness are very high. Because of this characteristic, tungsten alloys are widely used by human beings. Tungsten is a rare metal on the earth, which is formed naturally. Tungsten exists in all kinds of rocks, but its content is very low. So the extraction of tungsten is very difficult. With the development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of scientific equipment, the purity and performance of tungsten are constantly improved. So the application range of tungsten is expanded and the application of tungsten is more extensive. Tungsten was discovered by humans in 1781, by Swedish chemists, and a new element was formed. Tungsten is a metal with very high ignition point and boiling point, which is not eroded by air at room temperature. Because of the high melting point of tungsten, it was initially used to make filament and other products that need high temperature resistance. Tungsten alloys have high hardness and wear resistance, so they are used in many fields.

People will use tungsten to make jewelry, such as tungsten rings. Tungsten is currently one of the most popular jewelry materials in the world. The material is hard and will never fade. It is a rare non-ferrous metal with a preservation value. And jewelry made of tungsten has the color and light like gemstones, noble, calm, elegant and simple in shape. It is also the first choice for many royal noble jewelry.

tungsten rings

Because tungsten has good wear resistance, people also use tungsten to make rings and make tungsten rings. Tungsten ring has great characteristics, that is, it has excellent wear resistance. Even if you wear tungsten ring every day, it will not have scratches. And if it's a ring of other metals, it's easy to scratch. And tungsten rings can also be inlaid with rare metals, such as gold, silver, platinum, ceramics, wood and so on. After inlaying with other metals, tungsten rings can exude unique charm. Usually, on the wedding ring, more people will be inlaid with gold and platinum, which emit a different light from tungsten.

Tungsten rings have a strong hardness. The hardness of tungsten rings is 7 times greater than that of stainless steel rings and 4 times that of titanium rings. The hardness of tungsten rings is comparable to that of diamonds, and tungsten rings can also exude noble temperament. After manual testing, tungsten rings have high corrosion resistance. People have also done human sweat tests. Tungsten rings will not be corroded or faded for a long time, and they are not allergic or rusty. Tungsten ring has a high brightness, after polishing the ring, it can emit the light of gems. Tungsten rings combine the hardness of tungsten and the brilliance of diamonds, so they have a perfect appearance, making tungsten rings more and more popular with everyone.

Dragon tungsten rings

Because tungsten rings are widely used by the general public, different tungsten rings have different meanings. Some people use tungsten rings as wedding rings, inlaid diamonds, gems, etc., to make the ring emit more beautiful light. Many tungsten rings used for weddings are white, because there are also white tungsten rings. Tungsten and the white powder are put into a high-temperature furnace together, and the white powder is slowly blended into the tungsten, making the tungsten ring whiter and brighter. Although this white tungsten ring is beautiful, it also has disadvantages. The process of making this white tungsten ring is particularly difficult, and it is difficult to make it successfully. Although white tungsten rings are very hard, they are also very fragile and difficult to set with diamonds, so they are generally worn by men. More and more people like to use tungsten rings as wedding rings, because tungsten has good stability, durability, and will not be corroded. It also represents the love and loyalty between two people, which means that both parties will be determined. Yu, has always loved each other. The marriage of the two will be like a tungsten ring. Even after decades or hundreds of years, it will always exist and remain the same forever.

dragon tungsten ringa

dragon tungsten rings

In addition to being wedding rings, many people also wear tungsten rings as daily decorations. Because tungsten rings are very hard and are not easily damaged by sharp objects, they are liked by many young people. Everyone likes to leave a name on the ring, or leave nice patterns, patterns and so on. For example, we also sell tungsten rings with dragon patterns. Why would you choose dragons? Because the dragon represents bravery and strongness. Dragons are tenacious creatures with strong vitality, and they have the courage to face various difficulties in life, so we decorate the tungsten ring with dragon patterns. The material of the tungsten ring is very hard and not easily damaged, just like the particularly tenacious vitality of a dragon, it will not be killed by any creatures. At the same time, we also hope that wearing a dragon's tungsten ring will give you courage and let you have the courage and ability like a dragon to face all the problems in life. Dragon's tungsten ring has many colors, which can suit many people. After wearing the dragon's tungsten ring, it can be matched with many clothes to make people look better.

So how should we clean the tungsten ring?

Although tungsten rings are corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant, for tungsten rings with gold-plated surfaces, long-term contact with chemical components such as cosmetics, shower gels, shampoos, etc. will reduce the brightness of the tungsten ring's surface and make gold-plated The surface color becomes dull. Therefore, in the process of wearing tungsten rings in daily life, you should avoid excessive exposure to chemical substances. For example, when swimming, because the swimming pool contains chemical substances, you should remove the tungsten ring before entering the pool. After wearing it for a long time, you need to clean the tungsten ring. You can use a small amount of toothpaste, dilute it with water, and then gently scrub it with a small brush. After scrubbing, rinse it off with water.

Tungsten rings have a very good decorative effect, a very unique light, and tungsten rings have good wear resistance, can be worn for a long time without being damaged. Everyone likes to use tungsten rings as wedding rings, decorative accessories, collectibles, etc. I hope you can have a tungsten ring that belongs to you.