White crystal symbolizes the fulfillment of wishes. Transparent and pure white crystal is one of the magical gifts of the earth. White crystal is transparent, colorless and crystal clear. White represents balance and happiness. White light is the synthesis of all colors. The combination of different colors becomes white light. Therefore, white light represents all colors of light and is the highest energy in the universe. Some people believe that as long as you get the power of white light, you can achieve all your wishes.

White crystal is the most representative, most functional, most widely used and most helpful gem in the whole crystal group. It is known as the "king of crystal". There are quite a variety of natural shapes of white crystal, including the most common block, hexagonal column and so on. The main producing areas are Brazil, Africa, the United States and China.

The natural crystal has birefringence. Under the polarizer, the natural crystal will show the change of light and shade every 90 °, and the light below can be seen through. The white crystal is transparent, colorless and transparent. The synthetic crystal is dim, and the light under it can't penetrate. In addition, the weight is different. Natural crystals are usually heavier, and natural crystals of the same size will be heavier than artificial crystals.

white crystal

There are many effects of white crystal. The energy contained in white crystal is the most representative of crystal, with the most functions and the widest application. It has the function of helping memory and concentration, and has the magical effect of purifying radiation. The position of white crystal bracelet can promote blood circulation and metabolism.

Dispel negative energy, purify the whole body, remove disease Qi, and make the body recover, healthy and strong. It is a crystal stone for good luck.

The meaning of white crystal symbolizes many good wishes. Study represents the meaning of learning brilliance. White crystal also has the function of improving personal attention and memory. White crystal has become a crystal to assist learning. The meaning of white crystal also lies in being pure white and quiet, which is conducive to learning, helps the recovery of body and mind, improves wisdom, increases the speed of students' thinking, and enables office workers to work calmly and work smoothly.

white crystal

One of the meanings of white crystal: white crystal represents purity, peace and happiness. White crystal is transparent, colorless and transparent. White is a complex of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple, representing balance and happiness. White light is the mother of all lights. People who know a little about optics should know that the color light of the seven color wheel will turn into white as soon as it rotates. So there is a saying: as long as you have the power of white light, you can achieve all your wishes.

The second meaning of white crystal: white crystal can ward off evil spirits, town houses and shops. White crystal is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism. Therefore, Buddhist articles such as Buddha beads and statues made of white crystal play a powerful role in practicing Qi, providing Buddha, dispelling evil spirits, blocking brake, holding house and divination, and have a powerful effect of eliminating negative energy. The chest Pendant Made of white crystal has the most balanced energy and can give full play to the function of "protecting peace", so it's best to use it as "amulet" and "peace amulet". The legend is more magical. In foreign witches and spirits, the crystal has the ability to keep Yin away.

The third meaning of white crystal: white crystal has a wide range of applications and a large output. It is made into all kinds of white crystal jewelry, which is very popular! Because white crystal has the most complete functions, many stars and rich businessmen will choose white crystal as jewelry.

How to buy good white crystal

First of all, those with too light weight must be fake. Imitations such as glass, plastic and pressed particles are generally light in quality, but imitators also begin to pay attention to this. The weight of the product is almost the same as that of natural crystal. The method of manual test is only preliminary test and is not cautious. Secondly, look at refraction. Most people like to look at the crystal against the bright light. In that way, they can't distinguish the true and false of the crystal. They can only look at the crystal. Because the crystal has a high refractive index, we can put the crystal in the dark. The color of natural white crystal will be very bright, and the color of false crystal will be dark, lacking "spirit".

When hitting with the middle finger, the general sound of glassware is a dull "pop" sound, while the sound of crystal ware is brittle, which is a "Dangdang" sound with metal sound. The harder the crystal is, the louder the sound is. Under the sunlight, the colorful light reflected by high-quality crystal is gorgeous, and the transition light is very natural and rich. The color of glass refraction is often incomplete and dim. Compared with natural light, high-quality crystal has high transparency and shows bright white, while general glass or impure crystal will turn yellow or mixed with cyan.